Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hong Kong - Day 2

Just a recap of day 1, we spent it in Ngong Ping 360 and right after, we headed to Macau and spent our first night there. So the next day (day 2) we left Macau around 10 in the morning and took the "First Ferry Macau" fastcraft bound for Tsim Tsa Tsui, Hong Kong. Economy ticket costs HKD 139 and the trip lasted for 1hr. We arrived in HK just before lunch time so we decided to take our lunch first before heading to our hostel. One thing I like about Hong Kong is that their MTR (Mass Transit Railway ) stations and ferry terminals are mostly extended to shopping malls so the station's exit is an entrance to a mall. Convenient, isn't it? MTR is their primary mode of public transport, which makes getting around HK affordable and fast. Fare is relatively cheaper. Other transpo options available are buses, taxis, trams and ferries. 

MTR. The pic at the lower right shows the Disneyland Resort line. Its handrails resemble Mickey Mouse. Cute noh?
Our lunch. Our first taste of Hong Kong cooking. Sweet taste prevailed in most of our ordered dishes

Our second day is spent in Disneyland and Avenue of Stars. Disneyland is the most popular tourist attraction in HK, not only enjoyed by kids but by adults as well. As you enter Disney, you will be welcomed by songs from famous Disney movies played in the background. Your ticket gives you one day unlimited access to all Disney rides and adventures. To fully make use of your ticket, be sure to go there as early as possible, or better on opening hours (10am) so you can experience more rides/adventures. In our part, we arrived late (2pm) so we hadn't covered everything, but still the experience was truly magical. It brought out the kid in us, hehe.. :D

Disneyland entrance


After  Disneyland we went to the Avenue of Stars to watch the Symphony of Lights. The Symphony of Lights is a synchronized decorative lights and laser multimedia display featuring buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour accompanied by music. We hadn't taken pictures as our camera wasn't high end enough to capture clear distant views at night.  

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