Monday, June 11, 2012

28 Years of Life, 1 Year of Marriage

Two meaningful celebrations in 1 day, that's how special June 11 is for us. This year, the 11th of June marks my 28th year of existence in this planet and me and my husband's first year of sweet togetherness. Weeks before this awaited day, I'd already been laying out initial plans on how to turn this day into a memorable one. Two of my top choices then were: first, spend it para-sailing in Boracay. We really fell in love with the island and we've been eager to come back so soon. Second, I wanna have a kiddie birthday party in Bohol. Yes, seriously, a kiddie party! As you all know, my father's hometown in Bohol is a remote and mountainous area. There are plenty of kids (who are mostly my relatives) there who are living a simple lifestyle and find joy in climbing trees, collecting spiders, swimming at rivers and so on. Throwing them a kiddie party would be a fun idea. The Boracay and Kiddie Party plans would have been perfect ideas, but both share a common downside. They are costly! Another thing is, we wanted to enjoy this day with both our families, but we lack sufficient funds to bring them all to Boracay or Bohol hehehe. So instead, we asked ourselves, where could we celebrate this day where we could tag along everyone? Obviously, the answer is nowhere but Cebu! Tapos ang usapan, nyahaha..

But even if we'll just stay in Cebu, we still wanted it to be memorable and fun. Since June 11 falls on a Monday, we decided to hold my birthday bash in advance on Saturday. And on the actual day itself, Gigie and I will have an intimate dinner in celebration of our wedding anniversary. As for my bday, we wanna do it outdoors as our house's limited space isn't an ideal venue for gatherings. With the immense heat that we are experiencing now, the beach is just the right place to have fun. I invited Vicky and her family to join us and I'm happy she didn't turn down my invitation. To add a festive feel to the celebration, we ordered lechon. It was an unforgettable day of eating and swimming.

A year has passed since we exchanged I Do's. It was not a joy ride the whole time, but it was a day-to-day discovery of new learnings and realizations. We are not a perfect couple. I think nobody is. But each one of us brings out the best in us and that's what's matter most. We sometimes argue on random things, big or small. We fight, which I think is normal. In a way, we positively influence one another, which I think is one of the most essential thing our union has done for our personal growth. My husband taught me the value of patience and selflessness. I on the other hand, I believe, taught him to enjoy life and let loose a bit. We pray that in the coming years, God will continue to bless our marriage and guide us in this whole journey. To my better half, Happy Anniversary and I love you!

our anniversary dinner
Our gifts. The phone is his gift for me. The guitar on the other hand is my gift for him. Mas alkansi sya, haha.. Why guitar? Because since he was in college, he'd been wanting to get one. By the way, the attached paper was not from me. It was written by my cousin.


  1. Charoot hehehe :-) anyway it is nice to see you are happy and most importantly you are in good hands ;-) stay happy and enjoy life :-)

    1. Happy to see my little sister is well taken care of and showered with love, not only with material things but with a peaceful and loving relationship (duha nata nga blessed and lucky hahaha) :-)

  2. awwww, inlab akong higala da, hehe.
    congrats sa inyo ni gigi!

  3. hehehe.. inlab pud bya ka Mahal, aminin! Oi Ta, maau jd diay ta mamili ug lalaki..ehehe